Saturday 8 September 2018



Now that my bevy of proof-readers has essentially ballooned from 5 to 125+, some previously missed errors will be caught.

This will be a developing list. I hope it will be mercifully short.

1. British (UK5): has 4x 9-1 named leaders, but 0x 9-2; it should have 2x 9-1 and 2x 9-2.

2. Italian (IT4): 2-3-8 [E] AE HS ID:A, B, C should not have a 2 inside the white circle. The HS ID:T is correct. 

3. American (US4): BAZ45 missing WP6.

4. SS (SS7): missing 51mm MTR(b) counters.

5. American (US4): missing dmINF T32.

6. German (GE6): K15/16 ART ID:F has sFH18 ART on the reverse.

7. Russian (RU5): 5-2-8 (Fanatic) squads ID:K-O should have Broken Morale of 8, not 9.

8. German (GE4): PSW M3A1(a) ID:F should be PSW M8(a). The reverse is correct.

I don't have the immediate ability to issue corrections, but I do have records for those affected, and when I determine a solution I will make good on the deficiency.

My apologies for the inconvenience.

Tuesday 10 July 2018

Four boxes arrived today!

The first four boxes of counters has arrived! Each box contains one type of counter sheet. Only 68 more boxes to go, and I'll be ready to ship.

Here are some close-ups. There may be some distortion in the images, due to the camera lens.

Tuesday 10 April 2018

Currently processing Pre-Orders. Sorry for the delay.

Monday 5 March 2018

Heretical counters (Don't look if you hate the IIFT)

Along with the Optional counters, here are some Heretical counters, inspired by the IIFT.




Residual FP



Firelanes (both directions)

Optional counters

I'm developing a half-sheet of Optional & Heretical counters.

These Panzerfaust counters can be used if C13.311 is in play.




Friday 2 February 2018

Due to production delays, Pre-Orders will begin shipping in March, 2018.