Thursday, 22 August 2019

Guess what happened...

The story thus far.

The current printing of counter sheets comprises two parts: a special (custom) order; and a regular (Pre-order) printing. The special order weighs in at about 20 kg, which is about 8% of the total order.

Because of the multiple delays experienced over the past month, I asked that the special order be given priority. This morning I went to the printer's to pick up that order - and immediately saw that the sheets had been die-cut backwards, with the broken/wreck side "on top" (similar to what happened with HOB's German Captured Vehicles back in the day).

My printer, Keith, called the die-cutter, Val, to halt further die-cutting. I'm not sure how much of the rest of the order had been cut to that point. I guess I now have 20-40 kg of incorrectly die-cut counter sheets - aka kindling. And as we all know, Kindling is NA in 99.9% of ASL scenarios.

Keith has taken the lead to make sure that the necessary sheets are re-printed and properly die-cut, along with the rest of the order.

In short, more delays.


Saturday, 8 September 2018



Now that my bevy of proof-readers has essentially ballooned from 5 to 125+, some previously missed errors will be caught.

This will be a developing list. I hope it will be mercifully short.

1. British (UK5): has 4x 9-1 named leaders, but 0x 9-2; it should have 2x 9-1 and 2x 9-2.

2. Italian (IT4): 2-3-8 [E] AE HS ID:A, B, C should not have a 2 inside the white circle. The HS ID:T is correct. 

3. American (US4): BAZ45 missing WP6.

4. SS (SS7): missing 51mm MTR(b) counters.

5. American (US4): missing dmINF T32.

6. German (GE6): K15/16 ART ID:F has sFH18 ART on the reverse.

7. Russian (RU5): 5-2-8 (Fanatic) squads ID:K-O should have Broken Morale of 8, not 9.

8. German (GE4): PSW M3A1(a) ID:F should be PSW M8(a). The reverse is correct.

I don't have the immediate ability to issue corrections, but I do have records for those affected, and when I determine a solution I will make good on the deficiency.

My apologies for the inconvenience.