Friday, 4 August 2017

The 2 Half-Squads podcast

I'm almost famous!

Friday, 23 June 2017

Pre-Order Die-cut Counter Sheets

*** Update: Pre-order CLOSES at Midnight (EST) Jan.31st, 2018! ***

Die-cut Counter Sheets

Pre-Order Instructions

Use the CONTACT FORM on the side-bar.

In the Message box, give your name and location (city/country only), and your selection of Nationality Sets, as listed below. Prices DO NOT INCLUDE shipping costs. That will be determined in mid-January, 2018.

All prices in US Dollars.

1/2” sheets contain 280 counters; 5/8” sheets contain 176 counters.

No payment is made at this time.

Each pre-order will receive an Acknowledgment email to confirm the details of the order.

You will be contacted mid/late January, 2018 with the Final Cost (including shipping), and instructions for paying. PayPal only!

Canadian residents will be charged HST.

Pre-Orders will begin shipping in February, 2018.

** Pre-Order Special Offer ** 

All GROFAZ Pre-Orders now include black SS counters (6 sheets) at no extra charge!

Extra Items on the list.

SN - Snipers/FFE: includes Sniper counters with printed SAN for each nationality, including Japanese and Chinese; red/blue AR/SR/FFE counters with printed FP; Building-Level Blaze/Building Blaze terrain counters.

AQ - Acquisition: 1/2" Acquisition counters and Armor Leaders in nationality colours. If you are ordering the GROFAZ bundle, you do NOT need to order this sheet, as each nationality already includes Acquisition & Armor Leader counters.

Elephants in the room.

Both SS and NKVD units are included in the regular counter mix. Both formations are known to have commited atrocities as a matter of course, so historical symbols are not used to identify them. For the SS, the letters are rendered in the Hectica font. For the NKVD, a standard Soviet star is used.

Black SS. The sharp-eyed among you will note the offer of 6 sheets of black SS counters. Since these use black as the “nationality” identifier, no special symbols are used. Instead, the standard Class designations (E, 1, 2, G) are used to differentiate different troop qualities. An explanation page will be posted on the blog with suggested rules on how to incorporate these counters, though the official rules automatically over-ride these unless both players agree to the variations.

Thursday, 23 February 2017

It was bound to happen.

Because of another project, I was forced (forced, I tells ya!!!) to create Japanese counters. Here is the initial batch:

Saturday, 30 July 2016

Sunday, 10 July 2016