Thursday 23 November 2023


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Friday 16 June 2023

Friday 6 January 2023

Sticky Overlays - New Product

Removable self-stick overlays are now a thing. These are printed on clear plastic and need to be cut out.

Instead of cutting the backing with the overlay, the recommended approach is to start peeling off the plastic and cutting each overlay and re-applying to the uncut backing sheet. 

Because of the clear plastic, there is no need to cut exactly along the overlay edges, so cutting is faster and easier.

The photo below (enhanced for viewing) shows how the cut overlays can be kept on the backing sheet.

These sticker overlays do not mar the surface of a mapboard, even after several days. Because the centers are clear, you can quickly align the overlays to the centers printed on the board.

And now a review!

Saturday 15 October 2022

Brand New Product: COVERED Scenario Pack

 Yes, a whole new venture beyond counters. A pack of scenarios that feature a new, original board - BG1. 

The board is designed to be overlay-friendly, and each of the 13 scenarios use BG1, plus overlays. You'll be fighting from the Warsaw Bridgeheand in 1920 to the Pusan Perimeter in 1950.

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Friday 22 July 2022

New Stuff! Re-stocked Stuff!

Finally, the re-stocking has begun, and will continue over the next few months. Plus, some new stuff to brighten up your gaming experience (if you're into that sort of thing, of course).

Air & Sea
Half-sheet of 5/8" counters.
Rafts, Smoke/WP, and Parachutes.

Extra 1 Potpourri
Half-sheet of 5/8" counters.
More British vehicles, including SAS/LRDG, Bridgelayers, and Australian variants
More Minor Allied AFV & Guns
More German vehicles
***** Also available in the Extra Bundle (with Extra 2 & 3) *****

Extra 2 Commies & Baddies
Half-sheet of 5/8" counters.
More German vehicles in SS Black.
More Soviet vehicles, including Aerosans, Bridgelayers, Odessa tanks, and Leningrad vehicles.
***** Also available as an Extra Bundle (with Extra 1 & 3) *****

Extra 3 Shanghai'd
Half-sheet of 5/8" counters.
More Japanese captured vehicles.
More Chinese captured vehicles (two-tone & KMT blue).
*****​ Also available in the Extra Bundle (with Extra 1 & 2) *****

GE: German (9 sheets)
Set of counters representing German forces. Full-colour uniforms. SW shown in profile. AFV & Ordnance are full-colour. Many Captured AFV/Ordnance/SW from all theatres/nationalities. A varied selection of rare and unique vehicles, TD/SPG variants, AC, even a Maus!
Includes counters for “?” (1/2” & 5/8”), CX, Acquisition, AL, Sidecar, and Snipers (SAN 2-7).
Named and Variant Leaders (Wounded/Fanatic/Heroic). AE and Fanatic MMC.
***** This set is also part of the Uber Alles Bundle (with Waffen SS & Optional/Heretical) *****

Terrain 1 Sand & Shellholes
Half-sheet of 5/8" counters.
Desert related counters, Shellholes, and some innovative Wire+Trailbreak counters.
***** Also available in the Terrain Bundle (with Terrain 2) *****

Terrain 2 Trailbreak
Half-sheet of 5/8" counters.
Innovative Trail Break w/terrain counters, plus No Move and Drift.
***** Also available in the Terrain Bundle (with Terrain 1) *****

Zombies (ZB1 Half-sheet of 1/2" counters; ZB2 Quarter-sheet of 5/8" counters)
Re-live classic Zombie flicks from the 50s and 60s with this set of counters compatible with ESG's Zombie Pack 1.
Zombies. National Guard. Police. Armed Civilians. Civilians. Plus vehicles & guns necessary to play the scenarios from Zombie Pack 1 (not sold here). For fun, additional vehicles (Pick-ups, Sedans, Police Cruisers) to enhance that 50's feel.

Tuesday 30 November 2021

Hurry up... and wait!

 Back from the printer, viewing latest test sheets. 😕 Re-stocking won't be happening til the new year. 😕🙁☹

Meanwhile, I'm keeping myself busy...

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